Studio Shinto.

Studio Shinto is an independent graphic design studio founded in 2014. Creating simple but strong brands for the future. From logo design, branding to advertisement.


About me.

My name is Maurice van Soest and I am a Graphic designer graduate who specializes in creating beautiful and effective print- and graphic designs. I have been in the field for nearly 11 years, and have been loving every minute of it. An entrepreneur, art-lover, and overall thinker. A passion for Japanese culture, history, language, art and design.


Beyond Sound
Bint Partners
Boxing Club Zoetermeer
Bring Cargo B.V.
Budoschool Kai Sei
Dojo Hokori Meiyo
Halfords Zoetermeer
Hoogeveen Gym
JJ Music House
KBN – Karate-do Bond Nederland

Karateschool Fightin’ Nabil
Kenkokai Karate-do
Kotatsu Media & Educatie
LOEK Optiek Rotterdam
NFK – Nederlandse Federatie voor Krijgskunsten
Physica Fortius
Soul Creation
WIKF – Wado International Karate-do Federation
Zoebas – Zoetermeerse Basketbal Vereniging
Gemeente Zoetermeer